Youtube is Nuts!

This little script can — with some setup work and maintenance — remove most of Youtube's crap, unwanted videos and channels, and clean your searches.

You'll get better results and free yourself from some of Youtube's annoyances that keep coming back, no matter what you search for.

BlockTube — Firefox and Chrome

With BlockTube you can block crap by video title, channel name, video ID, channel ID or comment content. It is also possible to block virtually any crap by matching a regex expression in any of these sections, which is very useful. Crap will have no chance!

BlockTube settings are saved in JSON format, and you can easily export and import them using the extension's settings page.

Here is an example of the .JSON configuration file:

        "videoId": ["UG0rvma02f0", ""],
        "channelId": ["UCF3UEVPt5zZTlBVJwDG317g", "UC-wcdrzucnlKGBjyEUaEWaQ", "UCzQUP1qoWDoEbmsQxvdjxgQ", "UCk_foUwmaHeFhmAZMnEHQsw", "UCCZVmatSqIMTTB8uExk8xEg", "UCzQUP1qoWDoEbmsQxvdjxgQ", ""],
        "channelName": ["BBC", "CBS", "CNN", "Disney", "ESPN", "John Anthony", "Matrix World Disclosure", "MSNBC", "MTV", "NBC", "PBS", "Sacred Geometry International", "Sony", "Timeline", "VH1", "GrahamHancockVideo", "Graham Hancock"],
        "comment": [""],
        "title": ["Graham Hancock", "Graham Hancock’s", "Human Evolution", "Abraham Hicks", "Alien", "Aliens", "Ancient Mysticism", "Avengers", "Bermuda Triangle", "Civilization of Atlantis", "Hancock", "joe rogan", "Marvel", "Secrets of the Pyramids", "Shirley Andrews", "Zahi Hawass", "Randall Carlson", "Mystery Of The Pyramids", "Bobby Hemmitt", "Cosmic Patterns", "Mystical", "Esoteric", "Stephen Mehler", "Esporte", "Esportes", "Anunnaki", "UFC", "Joe Rogan"],
        "vidLength": [null, null]
    "trending": true,
    "mixes": true,
    "suggestions_only": true,
    "autoplay": false,
    "block_message": ""
"uiPass": ""

Install BlockTube for Firefox:

Install BlockTube for Chrome:

Project's Github Page:

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