Windows 10 Debloater

Debloat Windows 10 is a collection of PowerShell scripts designed to disable most of Windows' telemetry and tweak other parts of the system as well.

The scripts were tested on a Windows 10 Professional 64-Bit (English) machine. Home Edition and different languages are not supported. The scripts are intended for tech-savvy administrators, who know what they are doing and just want to automate this phase of their setup.

There is no undo, so we recommend only using these scripts on a fresh installation. Test everything after running them before doing anything else. Also, there is no guarantee that everything will work after future updates since we cannot predict what Microsoft will do next.

The scripts are designed to run without any user-interaction. Modify them beforehand!

Download The Latest Version

Code located in the master branch is always considered under development, but you'll probably want the most recent version anyway.

Download Debloat Windows 10


Enable execution of PowerShell scripts:

PS> Set-ExecutionPolicy Unrestricted

Unblock PowerShell scripts and modules in the script's directory:

PS> ls -Recurse *.ps1 | Unblock-File
PS> ls -Recurse *.psm1 | Unblock-File

Now you need to open the scrips you wish to run in an editor and customize them. Do not skip this!

Then just run the scripts from a privileged Powershell and when finished reboot the computer.

More information

Visit Debloat Windows 10 project page for more information.

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