Save the Day with Windows Shadow Explorer

Recover files (even different versions) from the backup shadow copy created inside System Volume Information.


Some time ago I've made use of this tool to recover from a catastrophic disaster of epic proportions: handsome-ware domination!

The customer's machine was infected by some handsome-ware and all his files were already encrypted. Including some very important pictures and a large Firebird data-base containing all the company's data.

This free utility can save your day! It resembles Windoze Explorer and all the files shown in it are inside the shadow copy.

Unless you disabled the Windows Restore Service (or any other required service required to make this service work) you can use it to restore files very easily.

You can download Shadow Explorer for free here:

Here is a screen shot:

Shadow Copy


The recovery is very easy. Just right click any file/folder and select Export. This is tool is a digital life-saver! Must have.

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