macOS PDF Kraken - PDF Splitter Script

This is a little script splits PDF files into individual PDF's or images.

After the app is build and executed it will ask for a PDF file to split and offer three choices: export as individual PDFs, as JPGs or as PNGs and then it will save the document's pages into individual files to the Desktop.

This script relies on GhostScript to manipulate PDF files. Since GhostScript is not installed on OS X by default, you have to install it first. The easiest way to do that is using brew.

Install Brew

/usr/bin/ruby -e "$(curl -fsSL"

Install GhostScript

brew install ghostscript

Save the Script below


Save the Script as Application

Open the script in the Script Editor by double clicking it and press CMD + S to save it. Make sure File Format has Application type selected and check the Stay open after run handler box.

That's it! Now this little app can help you split your PDF documents into images or single page PDFs with ease.

Change the App's Icon

  1. Open some image in Preview Press CMD + A to select the image and CMD + C to copy it.

  2. Select the recently created application and press CMD + i to open the information window. Highlight the little manuscript icon by clicking in it and press CMD + V to paste the image. That's it, the change is applied immediately.

Here is the icon I've used:

Kraken Icon

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