Better, Prettier and Simpler Video Embed


The Internet Archive is a storage platform and part of the WayBack Machine. It houses a lot of content from back when content uploaders and viewers were very few in number.

Uploads to The Internet Archive are pretty fast, as is the post processing of videos. Also every video you upload will be automatically reencoded into other formats (ogg/vorbis for instance), so you can use more than one "source" tag to maximize compatibility.

To embed the video, you can upload it to The Internet Archive then "call" the video using the HTML5 video tag, like this:

<video  class="video" controls="controls" preload poster="/img/your_poster.jpg">
<source src="" type="video/mp4">
<source src="" type="video/ogg">
No HTML5 support. Update your browser!

How Do Embed Videos Look Like?

Embed videos will show on your page free of any tags, annoying overlays or ads. Like this:

Ready to use The Internet Archive?

If so go to and create your account and free your code from futile references, ads and all the bloatware these sharing sites inject into your website.

Final Considerations

Keep in mind that The Internet Archive's mission is to archive useful content, such as videos, music, texts, documents, art or any useful data.

Videos about "10 things I hate about cold popcorn" can be deleted without any warning. And they should, right?!!

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