Mounty: macOS NTFS R/W

Mounty is a tiny tool that re-mounts write-protected NTFS volumes under Mac OS X 10.9+ in read-write mode. No additional drivers are installed, the app makes use of the build-in mechanisms already provided by Mac OSX Mavericks and above - no strings attached.

This app uses the gnu command mount to re-mount the partition in r/w mode. The system makes use of the diskutil/ NTFS disks mounted with this little app will not show in Finder's sidebar.

Download and Install Mounty

You can download Mounty here:

Alternatively you can install it with Homebrew

brew cask install mounty


Never unplug Windoze media without ejecting. Aside from the possible catastrophic data loss you may experience the volume will be marked as dirty and this native driver does not mount "dirty" volumes in r/w.

Complete NTFS Drivers

To scan and fix NTFS volumes we need a complete NTFS driver package. There are a few proprietary options such as Paragon NTFS or Tuxera NTFS both of which can also be installed using Homebrew:

brew cask install paragon-ntfs


brew cask install tuxera-ntfs

The free full fledge option is an open source driver called ntfs-3g, also available in Homebrew:

brew install ntfs-3g

Native Alternative

You can mount disk in r/w mode without this app, by using the Terminal app.

First list all drives and locate the one you will re-mount.

diskutil list

Unmount the drive (replace X,Y properly):

diskutil unmount /dev/diskXsY

Create a directory where the disk will be mounted:

mkdir ~/Desktop/Windoze

Re-mount the drive in read/write mode:

sudo mount -t ntfs -o rw,auto,nobrowse /dev/diskXsY ~/Desktop/Windoze

To eject the drive you can simply open the mount point folder and press CMD + E. Or using the Terminal:

sudo umount ~/Desktop/Windoze
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