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Sometimes images just load too damned fast. ComcastifyJS to the rescue!

With all this internet going around, sometimes you just want to experience the thrill of a long page load. Give your users the chance to enjoy a little slice of the future by slow loading your website's images with ComcastifyJS!

See it in Action!

Visit ComcastifyJS on Github.


No code is the best way to write secure and reliable applications. Write nothing; deploy nowhere.

This project will be the most serious project you’ve ever met and you will never forget about it. Many great programmers around the world are involved actively in this project.

Fork it. Report an issue. Submit a Pull Request. That’s it.

As for contributing, “You don’t.”

Visit nocode on Github.


VaporJS is a new amazing JavaScript framework, a JavaScript library that contains zero lines of code. On its project page, it’s billed as “The World’s Smallest & Fastest JavaScript Library.”

In just 0 lines of code it provides:


<script src="vapor.js"></script>

On modern browsers, you can inline it with a data URL:

<script src="data:application/javascript,"></script>

Alternatively, inline the whole code, like this:


(In this case, you can also omit the <script> tag completely for the ultimate in optimizations and efficiency!)

Visit VaporJs on Github.


Semicolon.js — A more secure and reliable Vapor.js! Rather than containing zero lines of code, semicolon.js contains a semicolon.

Here's a diagram of how the stableness and securityness is achieved:


Visit SemicolonJS on Github.


Vanilla.js is a compile-to JavaScript language for people that write JavaScript.   o.0

Visit VanillaJs on Github.

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